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  • Louiza Easley

New Course Offering: Global Thinkers

The skills of a global citizen are even more important in times of increasing global cooperation and participation. We are happy to announce a new course designed to equip students with these essential skills.

The Global Thinkers course teaches students to understand world institutions that continuously influence countries and their decisions. Learning about these institutions leads to a great understanding of how the world is organized and how decisions made at the global level can impact individuals, communities, and the world. 

Course Overview

The course starts with an introduction to international organizations, focusing particularly on the United Nations. Students learn about the basic frameworks, the benefits of membership, and the decision-making processes that shape global policy. 

As the course progresses, students delve into specialized agencies and their global impacts. Students will conduct a detailed study of the World Health Organization and the global financial institutions like the IMF. Comparative studies of global and regional organizations such as ASEAN, the EU, and the African Union enrich students’ understanding of the varying scales and scopes of international cooperation. 

Students will end the course with studies of NATO and the QUAD. The final activity will be a simulated "Student Nations Assembly" where students role-play as leaders in a global debate, applying their learned knowledge in a vibrant, conference-style setting, which not only reinforces their understanding but also hones their debate and leadership skills.

Impact of Global Awareness

Studying global institutions encourages students to think critically and understand global issues. The knowledge students gain from this course allows them to navigate the complexities of international relations, diplomacy, and global governance preparing them for future leadership roles in their communities. This course doesn’t just educate students about the world—it prepares them to actively participate in and shape it.

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