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Madison is an instructor at Logic Bird. She works with students to help them grow, think creatively, and reach their full potential. She is passionate about giving students the tools to think critically about the world around them, and closely interrogate texts.  She has witnessed firsthand the power of debate to solve problems and facilitate cultural understanding through her travels to China, Canada, the U.K., and Hawaii.

These experiences forged cross-cultural relationships, strengthened by a shared passion for rhetoric and the liberal arts. In 2020, Madison joined Logic Bird and has had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of talented students since. Madison holds a BA in Civic Communication and Media from Willamette University. She is a recipient of the Paul H. Doney Prize and the Shannon P. Hogue Award.

Madison loves to spend time with her two cats, Azuki and Karumi. You will often see and or hear them when she teaches and during meetings. When she isn’t teaching or playing with her cats, Madison enjoys baking and traveling.

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