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Logic Bird
Global Education

We teach more than English. We teach critical thinking.

Mission Statement

Above all, Logic Bird values a personalized and multicultural learning environment supportive of targeted student growth and success as our students seek to deepen their English-language education. We believe that each of our students are all capable of greatness, and as such we aim to provide them with the tools they need to critically engage with the world around them and rise to their full potential.

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What Do We Teach?

We offer a wide selection of virtual classes for young learners. 

Public Speaking

For younger learners, we offer  introductory courses at 3 different levels, designed to help students learn the basics of writing and delivering speeches effectively.

Reading & Writing

We offer classes that teach critical reading comprehension skills through current events, biographies, and news articles. We also teach academic, argumentative, and creative writing. 


We offer general debate courses as well as competition preparation and specialized debate training in British Parliamentary, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and much more. 

And Much More!

We have classes in a wide range of topics such as philosophy, economics, artificial intelligence, mythology, and much more! We frequently update our course offerings.

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