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About Us

Logic Bird is an e-learning institute based in the U.S. which specializes in critical thinking and English-language instruction for students ages 7-15. Our student base is primarily located in China. We offer premier classes in critical thinking, public speaking, competitive debate, argumentative and creative writing, philosophy, and world history.

All of Logic Bird’s classes take a global approach to education, aiming to expand students' knowledge scope and enhance their humanistic and critical thinking competency. Our classes are taught by a prestigious and diverse group of professionals with unmatched experience in public speaking, collegiate debate, and academic writing.

Image by Elisa Calvet B.





Provide students with the tools they need to critically engage with the world around them and rise to their full potential.

Engage both students and teachers in cross-cultural communication and awareness.

Support teachers in their life-long journey of personal growth and professional development.

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