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Logic Bird is an e-learning institute based in the US that specializes in critical thinking and English-language instruction for students ages 6-15. We offer premier classes in critical thinking, public speaking, competitive debate, argumentative and creative writing, philosophy, and world history. All of Logic Bird's classes take a global approach to education, aiming to expand students' knowledge scope and enhance their humanistic and critical thinking competency. Our classes are taught by a prestigious and diverse group of professionals with unmatched experience in public speaking, collegiate debate, and academic writing. Above all, Logic Bird values a personalized and multicultural learning environment supportive of targeted student growth and success as our students seek to deepen their English-language education. We believe that each of our students is capable of greatness, and as such, we aim to provide them with the tools they need to critically engage with the world around them and rise to their full potential.

Job Summary
Teachers will develop curriculum and lesson plans, and present those lessons to their students, individually for private tutoring or in groups of no more than 6 students. Teachers will need to track the progress of their students and create class reports at the end of each class to inform parents about their progress after each class. Teachers will be responsible for creating homework and grading it prior to class each week. Teachers are responsible for maintaining a safe and respectful classroom environment in order to optimize student capabilities and develop their love of learning.


  • BA/BS from a 4-year university 

  • Experience in a teaching environment 

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Prompt response times 

  • Experience working with and a love for children

  • Comfortable with cross-cultural exchanges 

  • Sensitive to culture differences 

  • Google Suite Expertise 

  • Lesson planning experience 

Preferred Qualifications

  • TEFL/TESOL Certified 

  • MA/MS in Education or related field 

  • 2+ years of experience working in an education setting 

  • Ability to work early morning shifts (3-4 am PST) 

  • Public speaking experience and/or teaching experience 

  • Competitive debate experience and/or teaching experience 

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