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Boka is a TED Innovative Educator and Philosopher with a passion for inspiring and empowering young minds. Armed with a Master's in Philosophy, Boka has honed her expertise in philosophy, logic, public speaking, and debate.

She is recognized for her mentorship, which led to World Gold Medals in Philosophy in 2017 and 2023, along with mentoring Serbian Bronze Medals in 2019 and 2022. At the American Corner Niš, Bojana has been at the forefront of TEDEd clubs and TED programs since 2016. Dedicated to amplifying students’ voices, Boka has been teaching debate and public speaking since 2010, from Europe to the USA and China, and her expertise extends to active learning and learning by doing methodologies.

She conducted training sessions for teachers on critical thinking skills within the esteemed Pestalozzi program of the Council of Europe. Her engagements have taken her across Germany, France, Malta, Cyprus, and Belarus, shaping educational practices worldwide. Beyond her role as an educator, Bojana wears many hats—she's a proud mother of three, a passionate bookworm, and a beginning writer diving into new storytelling adventures daily.

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