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Christian has been involved in speech and debate for 11 years. He began his career by joining debate in middle school, participating in debate in his hometown Newark, NJ until he graduated college.

In high school, Christian debated in Lincoln Douglas debate for Newark Science, where he earned top speaker at the TOC in 2015, and in the same year made it to semifinals. In college, Christian competed for Rutgers University-Newark, attending the NDT his freshman and senior year. Since graduating high school, Christian has coached students from all over the United States to achieve various awards, such as speaker awards and elimination round appearances at tournaments such as Bronx, Princeton, Harvard, and the TOC.

Since earning his bachelor’s degree in philosophy in 2019, Christian has been teaching debate and encouraging students in constructing and defending their own unique ideas in and out of debate.

In his free time, Christian enjoys playing the guitar, playing video games, reading philosophy, and spending quality time with his dog Bambi.

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