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Teacher Jessica is based out of New York City and has been with Logic Bird since April 2020. She has taught argumentative writing, debate, public speaking, and economics classes, as well as helped develop the curriculum for several of the summer and winter camps. Jessica graduated Willamette University in 2018 with double majors in Economics and International Studies.

She began her debate career in high school and was ranked as one of the top debaters in California, helping her acquire a collegiate debating scholarship. At Willamette she was captain of the Debate Union and ranked at both national and international tournaments. After graduating, she was Willamette’s assistant debate coach before moving to New York.

Outside of teaching, Jessica pursues her interest in international economics with a career in financial markets, formerly as a foreign exchange trader at HSBC Global Markets, and now as an investment advisor for Masterworks, an art investing platform. In her free time, she enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding, watching Formula 1, and video games (she always enjoys getting recommendations from her students).

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