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Jordan is a debate instructor at Logic Bird. He was the captain of the Georgetown Debate Union where he led the team to a winning season in the Qatar Universities Debate League. He was an active member, judge, and panel in public and townhall debates of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU). He qualified and represented Georgetown in the European Universities Debate Championship (EUDC), and was ranked as #1 speaker in Qatar.  

Teacher Jordan is based in Houston. He enjoys helping his students build their arguments, and takes great pride in improving their confidence through public speaking. He has coached a wide range of skill levels, from rookie debaters to national team members. He firmly believes that everyone has a different method of learning. 

Outside of Logic Bird, Jordan is deeply interested in how technology changes our lives. He pursues a career in tech: formerly as an analyst with Amazon Web Services, and now as a strategy analyst at Tebra, a Healthcare Tech startup. In his free time he enjoys swimming, cooking, and board games. 

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