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Louiza Easley


Louiza is the CEO and Co-Founder of Logic Bird. She works with both teachers and students to help them grow, think creatively, and reach their full potential.

Louiza feels passionate about education and empowering young minds to think critically about the world. Her dedication inspired her to work with her business partners in China to build the foundation for a debate institute during a worldwide pandemic. Her resilience and skills with a google search took the business to new heights as more and more talented teachers joined her vision. 

Louiza holds a BA in Rhetoric and French from Willamette University. She also has a MA in Human Rights Research from the University of Manchester, where she graduated summa cum laude. She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Education in International School leadership. 

Louiza loves to spend time with her two cats, Nelson and Petunia. You will often see  them when she teaches and during meetings. When she isn’t teaching or playing with her cats, Louiza enjoys the outdoors and traveling.

Please feel free to reach out via email for more information. 

Louiza Easley
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