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  • Louiza Easley

New Course Offering: The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is an indispensable skill in everyday life. We are happy to announce a new course to teach students about the art of negotiation. This unique seven-day camp is designed to empower students with essential negotiation skills, fostering enhanced communication abilities, conflict resolution expertise, and the confidence to handle diverse social and professional situations.

Course Overview

The course begins by laying a solid foundation with key negotiation concepts such as positional bargaining and principled negotiation. Students quickly move from learning the theoretical aspects to applying these strategies in dynamic role-playing exercises, experiencing firsthand how different tactics can impact the outcomes. They explore how soft tactics emphasize relationships and how hard tactics focus on winning, learning why a balanced, principled approach leads to the most favorable outcomes.

As the course progresses, students delve into more sophisticated techniques such as creatively expanding negotiations and effectively managing personal and social perceptions—skills that are crucial in protecting one's image while also understanding and empathizing with others. They also tackle the complexities of power dynamics in various relationships, learning how to navigate these to maintain fairness and respect in discussions.

In the final sessions, students will engage in advanced negotiations involving multiple parties and coalitions, learning to apply their skills in complex, real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is critical in transforming them into savvy negotiators who can think critically and collaborate effectively in any setting.

Importance of Negotiation Skills

Learning how to negotiate is critical because the ability to forge agreements and resolve disputes peacefully is a fundamental life skill. Students will gain a deeper understanding of negotiation tactics as well as with improved interpersonal skills and the confidence to pursue win-win outcomes. These capabilities are invaluable, paving the way for success in personal endeavors, future careers, and beyond. This camp doesn't just teach negotiation; it prepares young minds to navigate the world with discernment and grace.

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