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  • Louiza Easley

Why Debate? The Art of Discussion and Persuasion

Exploring the art of debate shows its critical role in the development of effective communication and persuasion skills. Within the realm of public speaking, debate distinguishes itself as a unique platform where individuals gather information and confidence to convince others. This process is not only about presenting arguments but involves a sophisticated mix of logic, critical thinking, and persuasive tactics under the scrutiny of opposing views. The essence of debate lies in its ability to foster an environment where disagreement serves as the foundation for constructive dialogue, encouraging participants to engage with diverse perspectives and refine their argumentative skills.

The Unique Value of Debate

In almost every public form of speaking, debate is the only stage where speakers accumulate all their information, and confidence to persuade judges that the other side and their values are less important. 

Debate’s uniqueness comes with the fact that speakers often become exposed to attacks from the other side while trying to persuade the judge that they should win. This inherent level of disagreement often pushes speakers to become critical, more logical, and persuasive, which you cannot find in other forms of public speaking. 

The presence of disagreement in debates is inherent in forming discussions. This is good because it instills in children and students who participate in debates, that disagreement is a part of the discussion. 

Therefore the value of debate transcends from its tournaments and classrooms. Because students are no longer deterred in voicing their disagreement, and differing opinions. They become more confident in creating conversations with people who might not believe the same thing as they do. 

The Practical Benefits of Debate 

Debate is a valuable activity for students in the most obvious sense that it builds confidence and allows them to express ideas persuasively. These skills are incredibly valuable in many areas of life, from school work to college interviews and presentations. 

Apart from speaking, debate teaches critical thinking and research skills. Debate builds the mental ability of students to understand both sides of world-relevant issues. From topics such as AI, economics, geopolitics, philosophy, and even culture, students are trained to explain their opinions and assess different points of view in each round. 

But most importantly, debate often develops in students' ability to research their ideas, and support them with strong evidence. The ability to research and assess resources is important to build the analytical skills needed for a 21st-century citizen.

All these skills equip students with the capacity to express their thoughts better in their school work, discussions among peers, and even college or work applications more so because students in debate are often used to responding to unfamiliar arguments in urgency. 

Why Enroll in a Debate Course

For those who are interested in partaking in debate, it offers vast amounts of benefits, from building confidence and self-esteem to having the courage to partake in conversations, building friendship and teamwork, and training critical thinking. Debate is a stage that would equip you with the power to change your life.  

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