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World Scholars Cup

The World Scholars Cup (WSC) is one of the most prestigious competitions for children. 


The World Scholars Cup, founded by Daniel Berdichevsky, started in Seoul, Korea. The competition aimed to be different from traditional competitions and conferences - a celebration of the joy of learning, a tournament that was as rewarding for the team that came in last as the team that came in first. It has grown to reach more than ten thousand students in multiple countries like Auckland, New York, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Rio de Janeiro, Hanoi, Abu Dhabi, and many more. It has partnered with multiple institutions like the Yale University International Relations Association and hosted the first World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions. 


Every World Scholar’s Cup features four exciting events testing participants' skills. The first is the Scholars Bowl, held in the event auditorium. Questions are flashed on the screen, and each question gets harder than the previous one. Participants work as a team to solve analytic questions and multimedia challenges. The aim is to answer faster than other teams and get more points. 

The second event is the Collaborative Writing, where students showcase their skills in persuasive writing. The students will be given six prompts from six subject areas, ranging from creative scenarios to explore and persuasive arguments to make. The team is only required to write three out of the six prompts, but each team member must answer a different prompt. In this event, teams are not allowed to prepare their essay with their devices. The goal is to make a persuasive and exciting essay for the judges.

The third event is the Scholar’s Challenge. This multiple-choice test evaluates the student’s knowledge of the six subjects. This event has an exciting alpaca-powered twist: You can mark more than one answer per question. The fewer you mark, the more points you can earn if you are right.  

The last event is the Team Debate. Each team debates for three rounds on motions across all subjects in this event. Teams are given 15 minutes to plan their arguments and research and 4 minutes to deliver their speeches. The amazing feature of his event is that students receive team feedback after each round, whether they win or not. 

Logic Bird teachers supporting their teams

Benefits of WSC

The World Scholars Cup is an event that strengthens students' debating skills, persuasive writing, and general knowledge. This competition exposes students to various analytical questions that enhance their critical thinking and speed of thought.  It teaches students confidence and grit from competing.

This global event also allows students to make meaningful connections and explore other cultures. Students are exposed to a community of like-minded and driven individuals across the globe, which can mold their character and perspective. Joining WSC also allows students to travel across different countries for the regional and global rounds until they reach the Tournament of Champions hosted by Yale University. 

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